After decades of creating high quality, high fashion fabrics for the European, East African and Middle Eastern markets, Josef Otten has established a new milestone, creating designer fabrics for the modern West African woman.

Josef Otten is already known for the finest quality fabric and the brilliance of our colour prints. Now we combine this with our sincere understanding of the traditional way of life of the West African people to create a completely new and exclusive new look for the fashionable, modern West African woman. 

Colour; flair; impact! The beautiful patterns of wax print and block print fabrics are probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think of African fabrics.

They have been sold in African markets since the invention of fabric printing. Today the Josef Otten team of designers are creating new patterns to put a contemporary spin on traditional designs and reflect the trendsetting tastes of stylish, modern African women.

Responding to the latest trends in African fashion, but made exclusively in Europe, our collections forge a completely new and ultra-chic look.
Our printed fabrics are suitable for all womenswear, from everything from day-to-day wear through to haute couture dresses for important events.
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Josef Otten fabrics are exclusively designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Vorarlberg and Tyrol, Austria. The entire supply chain is entirely based in Europe and Josef Otten only works with suppliers in locations that are certified as having environmentally-friendly practices. In addition, all our products are certified by the "ÖKO-TEX Standard 100", a testing and certification system for textiles. Textile products bearing this label comply with limit values for certain hazardous pollutants. Our production excludes any questionable chemical processes. This commitment by Josef Otten to high environmental standards is a quality that is increasingly important for our customers. The design team at Josef Otten is equally dedicated to quality. Our fashion, textile and graphic designers work in constant contact with international trends to produce sophisticated designs that are used by leading international fashion labels. 

High Tech
Josef Otten is constantly investing in the maintenance and updating of our production machinery, guaranteeing the smooth operation of production processes and state-of-the-art technology. In the textile printing area the latest technology is utilised with a wide range of dye classes to produce the vibrant end result.

The latest printing machines ensure the highest pixel resolution and colour brilliance of our high fashion fabrics. Screen printing on rotary presses with eight to ten colours is possible. There are inkjet printing machines capable of fulfilling any size of order, from small collections to large scale print runs.
The highly-qualified laboratory staff work to re-create the latest fashion colours and meet the requirements of individual orders. Complex panel printing is easily arranged and our finishing technology enables a wide range of processes, including teasing, sanding, drying, washing and cutting.

About Josef Otten

Founded in 1941, this family-run business is now in its third generation and continues to build on a rich tradition of cutting edge design and quality production values. Josef Otten has a worldwide reputation for the highest quality traditions of printing and refining pure linen, cotton and silks. Today the company also specialises in printing woven and jersey fabrics, cotton, viscose and spandex.

The company has capitalised on global market changes to establish themselves as a highly specialised niche supplier to international labels. The experience and loyalty of the long-serving employees are the pillars of their successful business. The depth of knowledge of expert textile designers and manufacturers, as well as continuing professional development, is reflected in the state-of-the-art specialist equipment and of course the end product – Josef Otten high fashion fabrics for womenswear.

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